Make Your Own Book

Seminar: Make a Self-Published Book of Your Photography or Art

This seminar gives you the straight story about books. Why make them, where to have them made (some makers are better for specific kinds of books than others), what to put in them and what to do once you have a book. Led by gallery owner Daniel Miller (a former book publisher), this seminar should kick-start you to get your book project moving. All attendees of this seminar will be invited to occasional networking evenings for the purpose of comparing notes, details and information (and your books) with others.

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The idea of your book
• Just do it
You will never be “ready” for your book… everyone is a bit paralyzed/overwhelmed. So you just need to jump in and make one. Seriously, one copy of one book — that will cost around $50 from the printers that specialize in these short-run books. If it helps, consider it an exercise.

• Why make a book?
It’s a career-changer. The benefits clearly explained.

• What is the purpose you define for YOUR book?
Is it to make money, promote your career, to have as a catalog of work, to organize your work?

• What your book means to a collector
Why they like them so much (side benefits, books add relevancy to your artwork and your resume)

• What your book means to a gallery
A smart gallery will make very good use of your book. You’ll discover how to help a gallery sell your artwork, if that’s what you want.

• Is it a book or is it a catalog?
That line is getting blurred. I suggest the ways you can make it both.

The book itself
• Book content
Will there be text, how many images, what should be on the cover? Lots of other considerations – foreword, your bio, caption content, etc.

• Too much is too much
How many images is enough? Should there be a theme? (yes.) We’ll explore both questions.

• How to get a great foreword
Tips on finding the right person to write a foreword for you and why this is a really important part of your book

• Who should design it?
DIY, or hire a designer, where to find? How to decide the look of the book

• Getting it made
The various manufacturing companies and printing processes compared. Book-making technology has moved very quickly, and continues to be a moving object. Ink (HP), or toner (Xerox and Kodak). Which one is for you?

• Physical book considerations
Hard cover vs. soft, sizes, page counts, papers, etc. There are almost too many options, so we’ll help you weed through the best ones for you.

• Premium edition ideas
This is the only way you can really make money selling your book. Include a print? Choose to run limited editions? Other cool upgrades discussed.

• The machines that make these books
HP technology… what they will be doing in the next few years

After you make your book, then what?
• Book signings and other events
How to arrange these, what to do. You need to prepare for your first signing. It will be a fun, magic event. Lots of little details to consider.

• Press and reviews
A few things you can do to help gain press and critical reviews

• Selling your book
On your web site, at events, blogs, on Facebook, through book stores, etc. Lots of possibilities.

• Samples of books to review and discuss. We’ll pass around lots of different books to give you an idea what people are doing now.

• Questions and answers. Plenty of time to address your questions.


This outline is subject to change.