New Practices for Collecting Photographs

It’s a new world with new rules and techniques for buying artwork online instead of in a traditional, physical gallery. The past decade has seen art collecting practices change more than the previous 500 years.

The Internet, social media, new auction sites, digital printing and really good forgeries have scattered collectors in many directions. The quest for finding good materials at fair prices has become more convenient, but also more difficult.

Join Daniel Miller, founder of collector service and director of Duncan Miller Gallery in Santa Monica for a snappy, informative, yet slightly irreverent look at collecting today.

Limited for 25 attendees, the next seminar is 7-9 pm, Wednesday, March 30 at Duncan Miller Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave #A7, Santa Monica CA 90404. Prepaid seats only ($25) are available here.

Not near Santa Monica? This seminar will be repeated in other cities. Want to help organize one in your city? Let us know, email

In this special seminar, you will learn how to get the most value from making your purchases of collector-grade photographs online as well as in a gallery. Topics are relevant for savvy collectors and those just beginning to collect.

You will learn Daniel’s Seven Rules of Diligence:
1) Exactly who are you buying from?
2) Who is the artist?
3) Who made the print?
4) What kind of print is it?
5) How is the work signed?
6) What is the price?
7) What are your return options?

Topics include:

– Revisit common and historical collecting methods, and explore new ways to find good works.

– What is it worth? How to assess factors that determine the real value of artwork.

– How does a .jpg seen online translate to an actual physical photograph?

– Know what questions to ask any seller of a photograph and what different answers really mean.

– There are 20 different kinds of photographs (silver, platinum, digital, etc), and plenty of different opinions about editions, sizes and signatures. Where is the value?

– Specific photography terms like vintage, original, unique and others are routinely misused, even by professionals. Learn what the buzzwords actually mean.

– Learn to better trust your gut, intuition and instinct.

– Managing image overload at art fairs (and in life).

– What is provenance and when does it really matter?

– Galleries, private dealers, art fairs, auctions, and the growing online sources. Which are for you?

– What are art advisors and do you need one?

– How do I take better care of the photographs I own?

– The three books you need to own.

– Appraisals, what they are and how they work.

– Insurance for your art collection.

– Emerging photographers – how to sort out their work and value like a gallery owner.

– Photographs to avoid buying.

– Buying for investment first, enjoyment second. Is that a good plan?

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers at the end of the presentation.