Daniel Miller is the owner and director of Duncan Miller Gallery. Miller created the successful program “Collector’s Favorites” for the Photo Arts Council at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). He received an official proclamation from the City of Los Angeles for developing The Los Angeles Collection photography exhibition. His curated show “American Icons” received the highest daily attendance for any photography exhibition in Los Angeles history. He regularly consults beginning and established collectors – including celebrities, investors, philanthropists and dignitaries (recently including several Ambassadors, and the Princess of Spain). The gallery’s substantial inventory includes rare blue-chip classics along with a variety of contemporary photographic artists.

From Venues and Art Fairs:

“It was great having Daniel here, I really think a lecture like this should be obligatory at any art academy! I hope you will consider giving another lecture the next time you are in Europe.” – Maja Bacer, Photon Gallery, Vienna, Austria

“Daniel offers a ready-made strategy for those photographers who wish to enter the art market. His information is well-structured, comprehensible and supported by real examples. We are looking forward to seeing Daniel again here in Russia and hope that more people can enjoy all the benefits of such a comprehensive workshop.” – Natalya Chebotareva, Head of the School of Analog Photography, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

“Photo LA would not be the same without Daniel’s unparalleled seminar. His seminars fill up every time! I would advise every emerging or mid-career photographer/artist to take Daniel’s council. Gain an insiders view of the gallery system and the strategies required to gain representation, and have fun while doing it!” – Claudia James Bartlett, Director, Photo LA, Los Angeles

“We had excellent feedback on your seminar and your way of telling the artists how to move in this world of art. Thank you.” – Cristina Manasse, MIA Photography Fair, Milan, Italy

“Daniel has given several seminars at Foto Care on how to get your work into a gallery. He is always a huge draw for us. Attendees always rave about his unique and effective presentation and ask when he will be back. He is definitely one of our favorite speakers and we look forward to his next seminar.” – Linda Drummond, General Manager, Foto Care, Ltd., NYC

“We hosted Daniel Miller’s lecture at The Annenberg Space for Photography and it was one of our most popular events yet! His lecture was well-organized, informative, easy to understand, and applicable not just to photographers but really to any artist looking for inside information about the gallery world. Daniel spent extra time with our guests after his lecture to answer their specific questions and took many questions throughout the lecture. I’m confident our guests left happy and with great information to take back and apply to their careers.” – Eva Vieyra Osmand, Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles, CA

“Daniel’s seminar was a perfect follow-up especially for participants of the Eyes On Portfolio Review that was held just three months before. I personally enjoyed his entertaining and interesting presentation, which offered me also an inside view of the difference between the art world in the US and Europe. We had great feedback from the audience and sincerely hope to welcome Daniel back during our festival.” – Thomas Licek, Managing Director, Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna, Austria

“Daniel brought an unprecedented crowd to RayKo Photo Center for his presentation of ’15 Things to do to Get Represented by a Gallery.’ Not only was his lecture informative and inspiring, full of insider tips and priceless advice, but he also stayed after the 3-hour presentation to further answer questions, both to the crowd and then even later to individual artists. I received many thank you notes afterwards for bringing him to the San Francisco Bay Area. I would have him return for another talk any day, absolutely worth the price of admission.” – Ann Jastrab, RayKo Photo Center, San Francisco, CA

“Terrific presentation! We are very happy you came to Madrid to give this seminar.” – Enrique Polanco, Madrid Foto

“The workshop was great – interesting and full of useful information. Mr. Miller was a wonderful lecturer who drew and kept the attention of the audience through the meeting and it was really a pleasure for me to listen to him. Things about promoting your works, sound judgment to your projects and lots of other relevant information – from my point of view all this is really important to the artists working in different kind of arts, not only photography. Thank you!” – Elena Palacheva, Fotografika Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

From Attendees:

“Daniel was fantastic! It was interesting to hear about how similar and far apart the commercial and art worlds are when it comes to marketing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying or thinking of selling art in any medium.”
– Kevin Landes

“Daniel Miller comes across as a very smart teacher. He gives precious insights on what to do and what to avoid in approaching a gallery. This course is an outstanding reality check.” – Edoardo Ferri

“Daniel Miller is a remarkable fireball of fresh marketing ideas and insights, very practical, very inventive of new approaches. He is doing a great service in sharing his experiences and insights at his seminars. No matter how much you think you know already, you will likely learn one or more valuable new ideas for improving your market presence.” – Paul Harrison

“Daniel is very knowledgeable. I don’t know of another gallery owner willing to share his experience to help guide emerging artists in the highly competitive field of art marketing. The information in the handouts is well laid out and he is a great public speaker helping to keep what can be sleep inducing subject matter entertaining. His tips to get work into museums and recognized by collectors through a variety of platforms will keep me busy for weeks/months/whole career! I highly recommend this seminar.” – Tom Lowe

“Daniel’s seminar is a must. It provides a real, direct, and right to the point view of a commercial side of the art photography. And, by the way, thanks to Daniel’s spicy sense of humor, it’s a lot of fun!” – Yuri Boyko

“Daniel’s seminar is PRICELESS. I received more invaluable information in the first 30 minutes, than I have at the last five seminars I’ve attended. His presentation is a blueprint on how to be successful in the art world. His delivery is fun and well thought out. ALL artists should take the time to attend this seminar.” – Connie Conway

“Daniel’s seminar was concise and to the point without being dry or humorless. A great road map for the field, he covered a lot of information in a relatively short time. For both beginners and pros, it is a good way to stay on track and check the directions of the times. In the constantly shifting times on the internet it is imperative to stay on top of how this whole thing is playing out, what works and what doesn’t, especially for someone who has been out there a while and tends to get buried in the work.” – Stephanie Sydney

“Daniel Miller’s seminar provided a clear insight into career development and best practices in dealing with the fine art world as an artist. The seminar was very comprehensive with a lot of background examples about his topics. Definitely time well spent.” – Daniel Bosler

“Daniel presents with engaging and entertaining wit, together with valuable and well-organized material. His seminars deliver on their promise of providing a clear, no-holds barred picture of the gallery world from the inside. His recommendations for how to advance your career as a fine art photographer can be translated directly into action, and he doesn’t leave you guessing about what he likes or doesn’t like about how artists behave when dealing with galleries.” – Dale Stuart

“Daniel is a very informative and entertaining speaker. There was a lot of information shared and the time went very quickly.” – Eric Renard

“This is a very informative seminar that hits upon topics both familiar and new. In the case of familiar topics, unique insights are given which lead to new ideas and perspectives. I left with an updated outlook on the art world in general and also carried with me a new bag of tricks!” – Jeff Alu

“I have attended several of Daniel’s seminars and always find them informative and entertaining. A good value in my opinion.” – Michael Wood

“This is an interesting, thorough, and witty trip through the subject matter. Daniel shared his considerable knowledge on how to gain representation by a gallery. His material was well organized and his delivery clear. I was riveted for the entire 3+ hours. And a big plus: He’s a warm and funny guy. Definitely a must-attend lecture if you are wanting gallery representation.” – Billie Joe Williams

“Daniel Miller’s “Bruised Fruit” update on his “15 Things You Can Do to Get Represented by a Gallery” is easily the best road map to success for any artist. Miller’s presentation style is entertaining in a clear and direct manner, while remaining engaged with the questions of the seminar participants.” – Gerard Burkhart

“A thoroughly enjoyable seminar, full of professional best practices, what NOT to do (you’re probably doing some of these and don’t even know it) and fascinating insider anecdotes about the art business. Daniel Miller packs a lot of information into his seminars and it the most professionally useful two hours I’ve ever spent.”

“I think you did an amazing job and really appreciated you covering so many topics. I commend you also for being so kind and answering everyone’s questions. It was a great time well spent. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you Daniel for this great presentation. It was professional, useful and not-slanted, which made a world of difference.” – Jacques D’Auteuil

“Daniel has a vast knowledge of the art world, and a very hands-on view of what the industry is look for. His straight forward, no-bullsh*t approach is both refreshing, and informative.” – Stefan Pommepuy

“Outstanding! Gave me a clear focus on where to put my energy and made suggestions for actions that I never would have considered.” – Ellen Freyer

“Your presentation was well organized and kept my interest with a sense of humor along with learning the essentials.” – Diane Cockerill

“I’m really happy with the information provided. You focused on what is relevant to today’s market, and I found the information invaluable. Daniel was professional and extremely knowledgeable, the sort of guy you’d like to have on speed-dial when you need advice. I only wish I had this information 5 years ago.” – Bradley Laurent

“The seminar presented a clear path for preparation to step into the gallery level. This information is incredibly useful. Mr. Miller was exceptionally generous with his time in answering questions.” – Beth Shibata

“Whether you’ve been in the gallery game for a minute or you’re just starting out this seminar will give you loads of ideas on everything from beefing up your resume, finding the right gallery to pricing your artwork!” – Kathy Washburn

“Daniel Miller was personable, articulate, well informed, and had amazing patience with questions.  He kept to the schedule, invited more questions after the seminar, and presented in a manner that indicated he truly wanted people to succeed. Having the information how to present work, as well as how to support the very venue that will take a chance on you was invaluable. I was able to hear my accomplishments gave me enough to write my first resume.  It was also a validation of the value of my work. Thank you for the seminar. I look forward to more in the future.“ – Joy Daunis

“This seminar was extremely useful, both to a seasoned fine art professional, and to a new photographer wanting to know how to begin a career!  Things have changed in the gallery world and the world at large and I learned new ways to go about promoting myself as a Fine Art Photographer, and especially about how to  do the hard work needed before approaching a gallery for representation.  This is what a lot of photographers don’t think about.  Most of success is about what the artist does, and less about what the gallery does.  The gallery helps the photographer to help themselves, and this seminar showed us how!” – E.K. Waller

“After taking many classes and seminars, I was really impressed with how much useful information Mr. Miller provided, and the passionate and knowledgeable manner in which he did so in only two hours.” – Mike Gaines

“In a very entertaining, well-organized way, Daniel provided practical, non-nonsense advice as to the concrete steps any artist must take to move his or her career forward.  It is a rare opportunity to get an experienced gallerist’s perspective.” – Carolyn Hampton

“I had the pleasure of attending this seminar yesterday, and I highly recommend the upcoming seminars to anyone who is serious about their fine art photography career. No matter what stage of your career you are in, anyone can benefit from Daniel Miller’s unique insight into how the gallery world works, what galleries are looking for in an artist, and how you can better your chances in furthering your fine art career. I learned more than I imagined in 2+ hours from Dan, who was generous with his information and time.” – Noelle Swan Gilbert

“Great information, well organized and presented. It seems like an incredible uphill battle to achieve gallery representation, but I think it’s better to hear the realistic version that was provided instead of some overly positive unrealistic version.” – Gary Conner

“For photographers just starting out or about to break into the big time, this lecture offers soup-to-nuts, comprehensive insights into the world of galleries and marketing.  In an increasingly competitive atmosphere, photographers need to understand the principles Daniel Miller discusses.  I highly recommend this lecture.” – Michael Miner

“The content and energy level of the presentation was very informative and motivating! Two hours went by too quickly.” – Barbara Hayden

“The seminar was exactly what I was looking for.  It covered all relevant topics for approaching galleries, as well as valuable insight into whether that’s the direction I would like to go with my career (marketing strategy, availability and exposure of my work in general, etc). Daniel was very knowledgeable and the content was great.” – Brent D.

“Really appreciated the print-out. I always feel that allows a person to listen to what the presenter is talking about instead of trying to write down everything. I also feel like I learned some important things. Felt like Daniel was relaxed and made a good presentation.” – David Young-Wolff

“Another great seminar. I hope to attend more in the future.”

“Thanks for a useful, practical lesson on a topic I’ve wondered about for years.” – Ed Schuman

“Many good tips regarding getting into galleries, thank you for presenting the realities.” – Judy Raffel

“Fantastic seminar. The smart ideas and direction presented by Daniel sparked new ideas for my own work outlets.” – Amber Paresa

“The information was very informative – my head was spinning (in a good way).  I feel like I have some new ideas of where to go from here.  I look forward to taking another course. Thank you.” – Karen Saschs

“I have been to many seminars over the years I have been shooting and this is one of the most concise and informative sessions I have attended.” – Jerry Hogrewe

“One of my friends who attended the seminar said he would have made five mistakes for his upcoming gallery portfolio reviews if he hadn’t taken this seminar. Thank you for staying late to answer questions. I look forward to the next seminar.” – Christine Caldwell

“While much of this seminar could be called “common sense,” some of the concepts were a revelation, and create a new relationship paradigm between artist and gallery. Thank you.” – Rick Nyburg

“Thank you for offering the seminar.  I thought it was fantastic in whole and provided great insight for getting ready for galleries.  I look forward to more in the future!” – David Zygielbaum

“I found the seminar informative and the presenter very knowledgeable in the fine arts photography market. I highly recommend the seminar.” – Gene Yano